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Our Story

Barouke a small independent retail company located in the heart of historic downtown Wilmington NC, is known for stocking a wide variety of fine woodcrafts. We are highly passionate about the craft of wood and make wood culture central to our company. Working with expert craftsmen, through the use of high quality tools, high-quality materials, and high-quality expertise we hope to make one of the most special art forms possible in the world.

Our carefully curated team of artisans, designers and artists from different backgrounds and nationalities work on a common goal: helping people and communities create beautiful, practical and sustainable art. Our company is dedicated toward providing customers with excellent service and a professional environment.

Barouke-The WoodCrafters Gallery,  in collaboration with local, regional and international artists and designers, is a platform for art creation and innovation; a platform for cultural engagement; a platform for social impact and a platform to develop a positive art culture. We believe we are partially responsible for creating the culture of the United States and the world through art, design, design culture and design interaction.

...and did we say, this all started in 1994 when Gene and Jannett Vadies ventured into starting the first ever Wood Crafters Gallery in the South Eastern United States. What started as a trial project--a small booth with a single collection of Lignumvitae wood collectibles later led to the introduction of more wood items handcrafted mainly by American artisans mingled with international works by some of our long time artisans from exotic corners of the world.